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Wednesday, 15 May 2013

The Sex Series : How successful is your sex life?

 The society we live in has made the mention of sex, and/or sexually related issues such a Taboo to speak about. Therefore, we have a lot of individuals going around with repressed sexual fantasies, expectations and desires.

It is even more difficult for me to write about this since I'm a girl, and many may tell me, 'you have no business in such matters'. Well I shall write about it, as I am seriously tired of 'Tarzan wants Jane Now!' attitude a lot of young men have and think as normal.

I'm writing this as a mini guide for all those who want to improve their sexual success (If you aren't married, use protection sha or abstain).

Before I start this series, I will like to say a few things:

  1. I am not an expert, I am just giving my opinion on this.
  1. This write up series is to help us ,understand ourselves and partners better, and to achieve a more successful sex life.
  1. This write - up is the result of a research ( and on-going research, ermmm not practical research sha ).
  2. Good sex = Better relationship, and happier people.  Lets face it, ( at some point, we would all have sex, for those virgins and underage peeping at this right now) Sex is an integral part of human relationship, it creates intimacy and bonding.
  3. This series will deliver one post per- week, I haven't set a particular day yet.
  4. This series is NOT for perverts.
  5. This post is NOT for perverts.
  6. Just in case you missed it , this Post is Not for perverts …  (- ___-)
  1. Feel free to post whatever comes to your mind, #NoFilter.

I started thinking about all the problems we have ,( emotionally, physically, psychologically,' e.t.cally') in our relationships, and day to day relating with people, because lets face it :  Good sex = Happier people.
( If you like bring out your puritan heart to judge me, I can't be bothered, you can't see me * Tongue out*).

I listened to a tape recently by Pastor Paul Adefarasin of House on the rock , on the female sexuality, and oh mehn! *sweating! in Ray j's voice* "he hit it" on the head, I mean ermmmm the topic oh.
I'm yet to read the one he did on male sexuality, I will soon.

Listening to the tape re-affirmed my belief that, a happy woman / man is one in a relationship, who has satisfying sexual relationship ( This is not for the perverted of hearts though).

I have been reading a book called  " Sexual Success" by Judy Bastyra . This book talks about having satisfying, healthy,  and a successful sex - life, it hinges on creating a happier couple, and to me, it is the ultimate sex guide (with a lot of colourful pictures too *winks*) and everyone should have a copy.

I don’t want this to be a long winded post, as this is only an introduction and I'll start posting serious issues next week.

So for now, take comfort in the fact that, starting next week, we shall explore, both conventional and unconventional ways to having a successful sex life.



  1. Looking forward to the series! Lovely, looks like it's gonna be (Sex)ducative with splashes of humour here and there. (•ˆ⌣ˆ​​​​•)

  2. Next week u said! We re waiting...

  3. can't wait!looks like we're going to have a great entertaining and educative time on this series,sex is an interesting subject.

  4. I don't get it. . Are u selling books, pastors or marketing them ?* confused looks*
    I find d heading totally different from intro, intro different from body and conclusion. Hahahahah Oya we go read all those books too. No need for series biko mak u no go confuse our sexual lives.

  5. Gigi abeg na which time zone u dey u sure say you dey naija so 'cos the time on your post no correspond with our time here o.

  6. That word SEX!!! Tickles my fancy*wide grin*cant wait for d next week series or educative coaching pls don't forget to include colourful pictures as ure coaching us*blushing* minwhile need to start reading the book to get myself prepared lol...

  7. Well, nice one. We are patiently waiting 4d next episode

  8. otis & walls15 May 2013 at 14:53

    @scott, people still dey use this word? " tickle my fancy "??? Heheheheheh u must be very old

  9. Na naija she dey joor. D topic its interestin let's c how d series unfold

  10. Nice 1, next series come fast o

  11. Just wat I ve been waiting for, lotsa gals have problems talking abt sex, nt me! Wish u'll start the series rit now, thumbs up gal

  12. i feel this yarn die. "Good sex = Happier people" cant wait to read dis series oh! come... u for make am daily oh! #teamlashingforhappiness!!! code word for today, Good sex = Happier people wa gba control!!!