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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

The Sex Series: Kiss or Trick

Stop biting it like that na …ouch, oh my God, you want to swallow me? why is this one grabbing so hard?...shuuuuu u want to suffocate me?...this spit is too much na…let me just assume that it’s the dust bin that’s smelling...please na, don’t break my neck, its only 1 I have...will I have throat infection after this? Hope my tonsils are safe…

These are some of the thoughts I know will pass through your mind if you are engaged in a terrible kissing tryst… and by terrible I'm sure you know better, cos na you nai dey kiss am.

Anyway, when it comes to kissing I'm sure a lot of us, will give off this smug shrug, I hit it well and good...lai lai  a lot of us, goof that job, yes its simple abi, put lips together , smack, slurp n chew?

The art of kissing should be perfected as it gives insight to the type of lover you are.

Notice: What you are about to read will eventually happen to you *winks*

According to Judy Bastyra " The Lips and tongues are two of the most sensitive erogenous areas of the body, packed with nerve endings" she went on to explain that  kissing with passion releases chemicals to the brain called neurotransmitters which are similar to those experienced when doing extreme sports or high energy fun stuff (e.g. Power bike riding( -__-)).

Guys now, you know why your magical kiss, in your mind didn’t work, chemicals no transmit, try again.

Kissing is so important, because aside from body language for most people, (yes most people) it is the initiator of sex/love making.

So to the koko of the matter… How to kiss and love it!

Hygiene first.
Do you think your mouth may be smelly? If you don’t know, ask the person closest to you now.

Hygiene is so important, I won’t kiss you if your breathe stinks, sorry, there's no other way to put it.
Just brush your mouth.
There's nothing as inviting as the sweet smell of attraction.

Most women enjoy kissing a lot more than men do, we could kiss for hours. Men see it as a formality that has to be done and over with, a precursor to sex. Brother, change your approach today, we (women) really enjoy it.

Kissing does not end at the lips, there are a lot of other body parts to savour too; the eyes, the back of the neck, the point between the shoulder blades and the neck, the nose, back of the knees, toes ( for toe fetish, make sure toes are clean). Find out what turns on your partner by touring the body with beautiful kisses.

 “A relaxed mouth and an open mind are the best places to begin', if you don’t feel up to it, don’t do it.

There are different methods of kissing, but the golden rule here, is to be relaxed, (even when caught up in passion) and open.

You may not be comfortable with straight French kissing (your partner may have 'butter teeth' or you may have an aversion to exchanging a lot of mouth juices with someone else, you can start from:

 1. Fore head kiss:
forehead kiss

Don’t listen to those that will tell you it’s a friend zone kiss, for those in a romantic relationship, or married, it creates a warm fuzzy feeling, and the nerve endings on the fore head are really sensitive. It implies the notion of a deep, non-sexual affection, respect and adoration – three key elements that contribute to intimacy.

2. Talking Kiss:               
Talk while you do it

 Make light banter, hold your partner's face close and kiss the eyes, nose, mouth, while describing what you are going to do to them. (Caution, please refrain from doing this if you suspect or know you have bad breath).Whisper something sexy into the ear.

 3. Silent kiss:
shhhhh...action speaks louder.

Close your eyes and let yourself go, savour the moment, caress each other's features, and maybe grab a little.

 4. Butterfly Kiss:

 Great! Use your eyelashes (fake or real) to brush against your partner's face or body, it creates a nice tingly feeling and you know what that means *winks*.
Just flutter your eyelashes on your partner’s body, find out their most sensitive areas and try it there, if you are on the receiving end of this, close your eyes and enjoy it. You could also do it together.
Don’t press your face against your partner's body, just breathe lightly and flutter. The trick to this is to be quiet and spontaneous about it, don’t moan loudly nor concentrate just on one spot.

5. Eskimo Kissing:


 The lips don’t actually touch, just rub and press your noses together and inhale the fresh breath of your partner, it brings up a feeling of bonding and intimacy (don’t forget to bathe or use a deodorant, sweaty smell is not cool).

 6. Audio cinematic soundtrack:

 Moan deeply (don’t screech please), and slurp a little, too much will turn messy. Making sounds is a turn on, it makes you feel wanted and in the mood and ready for action *winks*

 7. French Kiss:

 The almighty, mysterious kiss that has turned a lot of people into pumping machines, grating surfaces, chewing gum mouths, blister recipients, etc. I don’t blame you if you have difficulty getting it right, it takes 34 muscles to get it right.
Well the French kiss is really nice if done properly. Gently caress the insides of your partner's mouth with your tongue, suck lightly, deepen and loosen the grip with your mouth and hand supporting the head, DO NOT NIBBLE, it hurts and it’s not sexy.

 8. Call cards/ love bites:

 Don't do it, it’s painful and leaves unsightly marks later( and plenty explanations like  hmmmm, my cat scratched me…I fell on the blunt edge of my chair…oh, that’s just insect bite… errrrr I accidentally choked myself yesterday ( -___-)  ) , it’s not just nice in my opinion, well except you bagged a fiery one and you are  into the “pain-is-pleasure” S&M stuff.

Well I have provided you with some tricks you may have forgotten, or didn't know, go and do your homework, practise and Score! 
If you find that you are still unsatisfied about kissing tricks, please use's a search link, just click on it : Search Link .


  1. I'm just loving this your series,i love kissing a lot,it is one of the things that turns me on...and you really killed the topic it and keep it up.i hope you are a great kisser yourself.

  2. Gigi u no lie at all some guys no sabi kiss at all...them go just pour the whole saliva wey dey their mouth for your mouth like say na's a complete turn-off for me,nice series.

  3. Abeg too long jor, all dis story for kissing? Which tym person go take reach d "snail"now if we spend all dis tym kissing? Me no kukuma lik kissing self..
    But I love the part "like power bike riding" that was a turn on.

  4. Gigi hmmm. Am getting there. Winks

  5. mnnwaa.... loving this;guys and babes,read,learn and practice,you will not be disappointed.Gigi na wa for you sha.

  6. kiss or trick?na the real thing jor,make mouth clean na bi d important thing,mouth odor na turn-off.

  7. Me love kissing! Gigi u keed this kissing thing.

  8. This tin too long biko. *sobes*... Luv to kiss dry not wet.*rolls eyes* lol

  9. Nice series, Gigi i hope u dey practice wetin you dey opreach sha. Time will tell

  10. Lovely. Naija babes, please read.

  11. y Joyce put picture? na advert? see ur small lips, good for head sha!!!

  12. Kiss kiss kiss, hmmmm...Akpo u try "wink" make una learn o but, I go like inspect Gigi in the act o

  13. Its a gud piece really gave insight to gud kissin and d hygiene needed.. Thumbs up gigi.

  14. All of u saying its too long,una no go shut up nd learn una type dey turn to wild beast inside bedroom,chewn d teeth join finkn ure bin sexual......mtshwww...

    well gigi,nyc update,God knws i cnt stand smelly mouth,gummy saliva,dirty ears cos i luv adventuring up der,nd woe betide u if i sight dirty earlobes......MR MAN biko b clean b4 u enta bedroom for any action drops mic.....