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Saturday, 11 May 2013

Oya baby Limpopo *insert dance smiley*

K-cee (of the former KcPresh music duo), said in an interview ,that what he had with the delectable Actress Ebube Nwagbo was 'Limpopo'  ( Let me go and listen to the track again).

"What really happened between you and Ebube Nwagbo ?
What happened between us was nothing  more than having fun. That’s what my new song titled ‘’Limpopo ‘ is all about. It mean let’s have fun."
(oh! don't you just love a precocious young man? *winks*)

The Limpopo in my Opinion was 'The Limpopo of life' because that song is intense.
He went on further to say he had no regrets cutting ties with former partner Presh (when pepper is redding, which kain regret?)

Meanwhile to all ye Lady Fans, This is what the bobo had to say:

"Though they love me so much and I  love them too. I handle them the way they want me to handle them . That’s why I said, in my song that  I want to be your maga so they should use me as they want"

Interview culled from: Vanguard online paper


  1. I know this is the kind of guy Gigi likes. Famzer.

  2. What is that Kcee feeling like sef! 'I treat them d way they want to be treated'Mtcheeewww... But I like d song sha.*Wink* Go GIGI... See u @ d top.

  3. where hv I been cos I got to hear dis song just last week sat in a wedding nd notice it has been d hottest in town. Lik it shaaaa. Thumbs up Gigi

  4. See this bleaching boy fa hian! Pls sit!!!! Anyway gigi where una meet take do this conversation?

  5. No be only fun,Abeg take several seats jare....wetin come concern us huh?kcee ko,crazy ni.....Go Gigs my yellow Sisi...nice one

  6. Limpopo.Kukere,orishirishi.... Personally,I don't get the direction naija music is heading. The whacker the song,the bigger the hit,only 4 naija. That's my own opinion sha,make una dey limpopo dey go