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Monday, 13 May 2013

AfroCandy is that you?

Quite Frankly, until her recent outburst over her co-star actor's threat (After hin say e no do again, comot the video)  to her new 'movie' I have never heard of this  'Barbie'.

This is actually a song she released last year, July 2, 2012, called Voodoo Woman…( woman! U sure 'voodooed' something in there sha). The fact that she wants to be someone's baby girl, makes me wonder what I will be sha...

I like the environment, the full moon, the atmosphere and the platinum blond weave,the leather ,the angel wings, and "the juju in her blood",the robbing the cradle scenes, the sweaty stoogies...I just love the video!!!


 oh ah lak dis sezzy mama, she be twerking it..FIERCE!!!"  reminds me of someone too...oh yes! Nicki Minaj

my favourite  line amongst many in the song is 'IF YOU DO ME BAD, I'M ALOMO BITTER' , protesting actor, take note.

1 comment:

  1. who be dis?old mama youngie!abeg abeg Gigi what is this?abi na your auntie?