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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

18+...The Sex Series : Spice up your Sex life..2

 These are just simple tips to spicing things up, you should go beyond what you read here and make it even better.

 If you missed the first part of spice up your sex life, click HERE
read more after the break.

Get in the mood...get your mojo up:
feel good about your body
 How you feel affects how good the sex is going to be, pamper yourself with fragrant scrubs, sexy lingerie, look good, get an haircut, trim the bushes, work out if you have to, feel like you radiate sexiness, it a good boost to your performance, having a mindset that you are in for a good time, and not just a chore, will increase your sex appeal. Feel sexy, and you’ll look sexy.

Sex closed till further notice: 

abstinence can be sexy too
Put yourselves on a leash, practice abstinence and tease while doing it.  
Knowing that you can have sex at any time will take the charm out of it, as it may become routine. Take time off, every now and then. This can only work if both partners agree on it, if you go solo on this, sorry to say, you’ll only cause more problems. Plan it right and have an awesome return.

Surprise each other sexually. Tried and tested...(-___-) :

Tell her something, make her blush...
Surprise your partner into a sexual high now and then. Tell her how huge your hard-on is while at work…tell him you aren’t wearing panties under the skirt while at work  or  when both of you are out having dinner (and make sure you aren’t), surprise by receiving him naked when he comes home. 

The power of great Textpectation! : Exchange raunchy,explicit messages all day.

Sensual massages:
 Get naked and give each other a sensual massage without focusing on sex… you know what will follow right?

Use mirrors. Tried and tested!!! : 

what you see is what you do
Use full length mirrors alongside your bed or stand in front of a full length mirror to heighten your sexual experience. Look at your partner through the mirror what you see in display is your imagination coming alive. Using mirror not only heightens the experience, it give you fresh eyes to see your own reactions, well except you are really shy. Having sex really close to the mirror recreates a foursome sexual fantasy.

Go beyond your comfort zones:

if you can't take the weight, don't try it!
Try something new . 
Have sex in places other than on the bed, could be a car (if police catch you sha, I no dey oh ), try new sexual positions, be careful not to break or sprain some part of your body. 
Have sex against a wall, against your open  window, 
on the floor of your sitting room, on a balcony (if you have one), 
on a power-bike ( well someone once told me he has done that, while riding)   
in a boutique’s dressing room ( lol …you’ll be buying something though).   

Having sex in inappropriate places is a big turn on, so racy , as the thought of being caught or getting into trouble heightens the pleasure . As long as you create new and exciting memories all the time, sex can never ever get boring
 Do a quickie
Be spontaneous and random, get it on with...Whet your appetite before going off to work.

Make up sex:
bring up an unnecessary argument, settle by having awesome make up sex, make sure you let your partner know it was all for the may yet get payback *winks*

Listen to music, or read an erotic book together, and let the ideas flowwwwww…
hahahaha don't even try it

Side Note:Be Protected!

Dont forget to use protection always, lets face it, not everyone reading this right now is married, inshort most of you aren't married...Anyway, STIs ,HIV and unwanted pregancies are all so real, so use protection or find a safe means to have sex.


  1. Niiiice...ill do it in a boutique's dressin rm nxt tym *wink*

  2. Gigi d conji no catch mi oh! Juljul

  3. Na Wa oh. So so theories u dey giv us since. Wen u go giv us practicals??? Leaning is more or practicals abeg. Gidi Gidi Gidi, me need practicals ohhhhh

  4. Nice acts. Hw I wish right now.

  5. Hmnnnnn....priceless. OMG

  6. I'd love to do it in the swimming pool,that would be quite an experience.

  7. Gigi,I find this sex topic very interesting,but d context kills my drive.#too long# *i still like learn more sha,reading n smilling*