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Friday, 7 June 2013

Funny Break-up letters...LOL.

She'll never get closure sha.

See more funny pictures after the cut...enjoy.
This one is presently, I like!

I call this 'the classified' break up


He's such a tool

Stalker! hahaha

ok, added this because its

 It's all fun and games till something like this happens to you.

Well I totally agree with Emily Post " Writing a break-up letter (or email, text, or Facebook message) may seem like an easy way out of a relationship, but, given the reach of social media, it may cause far more shame than ending things face-to-face. "No matter how uncomfortable the situation, there are certain decencies that must be observed," admonishes . 

Her top advice for breaking up in a civilized manner is to meet privately, in person (you may yet get closure). Unless, of course, you want to world to know what a tool he was"



  1. I really loved d last letter.'SHE'S FUCKING FAT!!!! WTF! Lols

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