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Thursday, 20 June 2013

Willy B released: read what really happened!

Until his arrest in May, Port Harcourt based musician Willy B was the manager of Jack's Bar(a PHC nightclub along Aba Rd).

If you missed the first posting of his arrest detail and circumstance, please click HERE.

Willy B,was finally released last week Thursday at about 6pm, after spending a month in incarceration, without trial or sentencing by the law court.

He told me his story yesterday evening in a chat I had with him.
He started working with Jack’s bar 16th February and until his arrest on May 12,  he never knew if his managing director was affiliated with criminal operations.

This is what he told me: 

"It all started when I heard this Job @ JACKs BAR 42 Aba road, Rivers State PH, because I’m into event management, hospitality club management etc.

 I started working with this company not knowing what my MD does outside the normal club business, at about one month and one week b4 I was arrested, I had never heard from him because his number was always switched off . Although, the business was still moving because I knew what to do at every point when it came to the management of the club. 

So, surprisingly he called me on 11th may 2013 (that was Bob Marley’s night), and asked how business was and all? I confirmed that business was as usual, good. I left the office around 10pm to MLounge at GRA, because I was invited alongside other artistes like Raski Mono, Rymzo, Porsh Kayiana and others.

The next morning being Sunday, on my way to church when I received a call from the community CLO, that every staff in the office had been arrested, I asked the reason for the arrest he said he didn't know but would inform me if anything came up. So I called my M.D. to notify him and at the same time ask, if he knew what would have caused the arrest, but he said he had no idea too.

So, I decided to go to the police station to find out why they were arrested. Thought it wise to go with my lawyer though he was busy ,so he sent a lawyer practicing under him to accompany me, on getting there, we were both detained.
One week later he was sent to prison.

While ,I was paraded alongside Sea Pirates, three of them in police headquarters PH, with juju charms, 7million Naira, Laptops, phones.
Willy B is 3rd from left.
They placed me and  the rest in front of these items.  It was so embarrassing. I tried talking myself out but little could be done about it.  The Commissioner of Police was there, he made a speech that we will be transferred to Bayelsa State where the crime was committed.

It was like hell on earth .I don’t want to talk about my experience in the cell.

My brother came to visit me, but was arrested too, although later released on bail with plenty of money, I didn’t even know about this, till my release. 

All this while, we heard nothing from the MD.

My older brother facilitated my release with another lawyer. They accepted bail after they finally carried out investigation and established I was not a criminal or involved in any of the criminal activity I was being accused of.

As for the MD, he has been arrested, but not much is known."

Willy B believes it is God's divine intervention that brought him out from this situation. I believe so too.
He, was never placed before the law court and pronounced guilty, there was no presiding Judge, just the police acting as Judge, Jury and Executioner.
This could happen to anyone.

What do you think? 

Should the police keep on victimizing the innocent because of their inability to follow due process?
Imagine your family members getting arrested, over what they know nothing about.

I believe that they should be sent for proper training, and disciplinary actions, (not just in words or writing) should be carried out against all involved in this monkey business.

There have been numerous complaints over time, from people about police victimization, their penchant for labeling any petty criminal or even an unfortunate innocent person at the wrong place, and time, falls in their trap, as a criminal, all to what avail? To alert the public that they are functioning? That their salary, which is gleaned from tax payer’s money, can be justified?
Where is the justice system in Nigeria please?

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