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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

The Men I heart!

I love old men...Three to be precise.

Hahahaha I can just imagine what you are thinking right now, calm your balls.
These three men have played and still plays a huge role in my life.

My Papa.
The Okakor of Okolor Obotor of the Udu Kingdom, Delta State.
There's so much to say about him...if you aren't interested, stop reading now.

My Pops never believed in using the rod, my mom was the champion there, but I remember once when I stole one Naira, abi I spent money my aunty who just came to Nigeria gave me, and he flogged me, I cried because I felt I had disappointed him.
Instead, his way of discipline was even more cutting and deeper, he used words.

Not shouting or screaming expletive (although he has alot of colourful words), but words that would make you question the reason behind what you did or in the process of doing.
I remember when I was 16 or so, I was headstrong as usual and high on the euphoria of teenage, so on one really sunny day, I wore this micro mini skirt,hugging my bony behind, knee length boots and a semi transparent chiffon top (creepy right?) my wild hair was flying in different directions.

I felt sexy and super human ,as I took this okada in front of the house with my dad looking quietly at me. I had already formed a resistance in my mind that if he told me to get back in, I would still zoom off..ahhh the trills of being very young and foolish. so off I went to this party, I got back quite early around 6p.m I think, and still my dad didn't say a word to me, he was seated outside on the balcony with his bestfriend, Mr John (God rest his soul). So Mr John asked him, " Where is she coming from dressed like that? " this question was posed after I had greeted them and didn't get a reply oh..My papa simply said, "ask her".

I felt extremely embarrassed and so stupid, needless to say, I curbed my mini skirt spirit for a long while after, I didn't stop wearing them. I learnt a lesson, which is taking responsibility for all my actions.

Pops was so liberal with freedom in our teen years. Yes, I see your point too, not everyone can handle it properly, good thing is my siblings and I never abused that right, but woe betide any strapping young man coming to 'toast' any of his daughters, he would show you a gun (I'm serious) and scream at you.

It wasn't always so sweet and rosy , I went through the
'daddy hates me' and 'maybe he's not even my father' phases while growing up, but in all I appreciate and love him even more, with all his imperfections...(errrrr except when he yells ' You bloody idiot') because I am not perfect too.

The two other old men I love are,  Mr O, I lived with his family during my service year in Benin City, and Mr A, my uncle, both taught me that life is so dynamic and nothing is set in its way like it seems, that it is okay to make mistakes and learn from them, it is okay to be young, wild, free and foolish, it is okay to be remorseful but not to let it rule my life, and it is okay to have a differing opinion and to respect it in others.

I love them dearly, and it is a thing of pride to be associated with these three old  men.

What about you? any old man in your life? or in heaven...


  1. Yes I love so many old men tho. But my Dad especially n still very much alive n dear to my heart. May all the old men in our lives live long,Amen. Nice one my gigilicious gal.

  2. Lovely nt really into old men but I love my dad.thanks gigi.

  3. Wow I'm Highly Impressed by ur choice of words. My best from ur blog so far Gidi.
    Well I attempted looking over my shoulder to see if I have/had any old man in my life and all I see is a 4 branch "koboko" that is always ready to redirect you when u attempt to go astray or wen u dare go against when he saw as the norm or better still handed to sum young punishment hungry looking soldiers to be drilled in his dreaded guardroom depending on the gravity of ur misconduct(s). Growing up wasn't a tea party conference oh but I'm happy the older they grow, the weaker they becomes and thus, mi old boy is now mi padi (bob risky) *i neva Forgiv am anyways * he knows.

    Nb. Can those with old sugar daddies also talk about dem too???   ‎​         

  4. Awww, lovely piece! Makes me remember the good old times!
    Good job Gigi, *smiles*