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Monday, 10 June 2013

Munachi Abii's new photos and Single release.

we look so much alike, disagree and...-___-
I  absolutely love Munachi Abii (#Nohomo,even though I may have been stalking her on twitter), well now, I even love her more.

Got these pictures from that1960chicks site, and I must confess, she totally killed it with the whole retro-chick look, and she showed her fun side, she's not afraid to show she's human, and can be goofy too.

These are promo photos of her soon to be released single from her record label called NO KONSCIENCE ENTERTAINMENT & her new single NO TOMORROW produced by DJ KLEM is going to be out today.

 see more pictures after the cut...Bellisimo!

oh! this is my favorite.

who don fine, don fine!
Photography by Paul Ukonu

1 comment:

  1. i have always loved her.....very pretty, is there a word for being too pretty?